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“You know you’re top in your industry when your competition tries to imitate your web site, duplicates your articles, and even uses a similar name." Said Paula Sylvester chuckling from Avanti’s Boca Raton office. “People often say that it’s a form of a compliment and, when it comes to behind the wheel instruction, drivers ed and extensive knowledge on drivers licenses, tickets, suspensions and everything else that goes along with the driving privilege, our clients know they’re getting the best their money can buy. That’s why everyone chooses Avanti! Because they know they’re getting the best!"

Avanti Driving School is South Florida’s first, and most highly reputable driving School in North Broward and South Palm Beach County.

Established in 1983, and based out of Boca Raton, Florida, Avanti Driving School has been providing private driving instruction tailored to the individual needs of their students of all ages for over 30 years!

At Avanti Driving School, our private driving instruction curriculum is designed to help the beginning student with important driving basics. Areas of instruction covered are: city, residential and highway maneuvers that actually increase the student’s behind-the-wheel awareness, and instill confidence and safe driving practices.

All Avanti Driving School students receive:

  • Private driving instruction in 100% smoke free cars
  • Smoke Free Instructors
  • All lessons are based on the student’s individual needs
  • All lessons required by Florida Department of Highway Safety, and for safety reasons, are conducted in State Certified, dual-controlled, air-conditioned NEW vehicles which are inspected daily for safety
  • At Avanti Driving School, there are no upfront fees to pay in advance, students are not charged by zip code, and
  • most importantly, students are under no obligation or pressure to take a certain number of lessons. With Avanti Driving School, students take only the amount of lessons they (or parents) feel is personally needed in order to become a safe, confident driver.

When the time arrives for the road exam, Avanti Driving School can be there with you if needed. For an additional fee, students can secure the car in which they were instructed in.

Road Test reservations include: student pick-up, car usage for road exam and return transportation.

Students can either choose to pay for instruction in one of the following ways: as they learn (prior to each lesson), or in advance. At Avanti we never ask for advance payments.

At Avanti Driving School, all instructors are full time professionals who are very patient, encouraging and understanding. And because Avanti has taught more students than any driving school here in South Florida, our instructors are particularly well versed with people who are nervous about learning how to drive for the very first time.

Rest assured, all driving instruction begins in low traffic areas, where the basics of driving are explained and reviewed while instilling good driving behavior. Avanti Driving students will become confident behind the wheel while learning: how to make proper turns, parking, three-point turns, lane change, road rage, and basic driving maneuvers. As confidence is gained, the instructor will take the student into heavier traffic, and onto the freeway and before long, if requested, for the road test too!

And There's More About Avanti Driving School

Successful completion of our state-approved driver education course’s alone will not make new drivers an “expert" behind the wheel. Traffic safety education involves family and and/or personal factors, such as: motivation, maturity, and perceptive abilities. These factors play major roles in the development and safety of new drivers.

Throughout our behind the wheel course, emphasis is placed on safety and supervised practice with a licensed parent, guardian or experienced driver in order to develop precision in the use of skills, processes, and responsibilities

Evidence also shows that often it is not poor driving skills that cause a collision among new drivers, but inexperience and driving attitude. Inexperienced drivers combined with proper guidance after formal driver education has taken place should include and encourage responsible driving behaviors. By doing so this will have a sustained effect on the new driver by minimizing the risks new drivers face. Continuing education is not the responsibility of our school. However, with Avanti, we take it a step further like no other school!

DE-30 Included With Every New Driver Certificate Course

Our driver education program is designed to teach new drivers fundamental skills and basic knowledge about driving a motor vehicle. Our State of Florida approved course is organized into easy units broken down into eighteen chapters with high emphasis on Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle law and consequences.

Course Features

Examines responsibility, concepts, and systems, which are the solid building block foundation for skills discussed throughout our course

  • Vehicle basic parts and safe operation.
  • Traffic control devices and basic driving skills.
  • Decision making, driving skills for different environments and situations.
  • In-depth areas of concern: Responsibility, DUI, licensing privileges, vehicle ownership and maintenance, and driving away from home.
  • Videos shown with correlating chapters to emphasize lesson
  • Self-Test after every chapter
  • Certificate of Completion issued after successful completion of all self-tests and final exam
  • 6-mo from registration completion time.

Our DE-32 Hour Program Also Includes:

  • A step-by-step 18 minute driver license practical exam review that demonstrates:
  • The exact vehicle maneuvers you will be required to perform and the reasoning behind them
  • How to prevent from loosing points that increase your failure rate
  • The role of the examiner
  • Test vehicle requirements
  • Tips on how to successfully pass the practical Florida Drivers license exam and more!

Why Is This Course Important To You?

It really depends. Most parents are aware their insurance company may offer a *“New Driver" discount providing they supply their insurance carrier with the certificate of completion from a State of Florida DHSMV Certified school. Furthermore, some insurance companies such as; Liberty, and Farmers require not only a behind-the-wheel instruction certificate BUT, drivers ed certificate too!

Rest assured, all of Avanti Driving School New Driver Certificate courses include our online Drivers Ed course at no additional charge.

However, we realize many areas within the Great Sunshine State of Florida do not offer drivers ed. As a convenience to our out of area residents, this course is available.

DE 32 Hour Course Only – No Driving – Fee: $115.00.

Not All Insurance Companies Are Alike!

*Note: Not all insurance companies are created equal and can change their requirements for a new driver discount without notice. It is important to know what your insurance company requirements are in order to obtain a new driver discount.

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